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  • Introduction

    12th Oct 2019 by

    Hi, I’m Amy. Recently, I’ve been struggling a little with various changes in my life. I’ve not felt like this for a while, but I remembered when I was younger and I used to struggle like this my best escape was writing. When I was fourteen in the midst of my teen angst, where the… Read more

  • International Women’s Day

    8th Mar 2021 by

    Where to begin? I love this day. It fills my heart with joy thinking about my love for women, my love for being a woman, and the love for all the amazing women within my life. I have truly been blessed to meet so many strong, brave, fierce souls throughout my life. Many of whom… Read more

  • Carrying the Weights

    8th Mar 2021 by

    Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault I have just watched the season one finale of The Bold Type, leaving me raw and emotional. I have been carrying the weights for so long. For 6 years now, the pain has been chaining me down. It took me 5 years and an abundance of more traumatic events to even… Read more

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